Monday, 3 February 2014


Natalie Pryce - Janine/Bisclavaret 
Natalie Pryce - Janine/Bisclavaret

Take four burly Scottish men inspired by the likes of Grinderman and Tom Waites and then give them a band name like Natalie Pryce. Now, there may be a very good and sentimental reason behind this - a sadly missed friend or a favourite B Movie actress - but I just hope to God they haven't done this to impress a girl. Trust me, "Natalie, I love you so much I named my band after you" just sounds creepy. Then again, they do say creepy is as creepy does and Natalie Pryce do creepy pretty well on new single 'Janine' (the ex-girlfriend presumably). They even manage to make a harmonica sound menacing as this David Lynch-esque lounge music sashays in announced by the desperate vocals of  Mark Swan - if ever a man sounded unhinged and on the edge it is Mr Swan - I can say that because they are in Scotland and I'm way down in Cornwall...I hope. The other half of this single is the more laid back, country feel of 'Bisclavaret' which sounds like it was found on the cutting room floor of Tarantino's From Dusk Til Dawn editing suite. This is the kind of band that you're drawn too because of their malevolence but scared of because of just how far they might go. A beautiful place to exist and make music.

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