Mountainear - Down The Line 
Mountainear - Down The Line

This song is beautiful. Beautiful for a whole number of reasons. Firstly, Mountainear features 3 people who can all drum and sing in a charmingly haunting way. Then there's the fact that 'Down The Line' is an uplifting, spirited and life affirming piece of music that is tailor made for cheering up the down hearted and lovelorn. Oh and then there's the video which is mixture of the daily commute and a Samuri duel to the death which starts with a thick-set man waking up in what I believe to be a Bayeux tapestry T-shirt. Finally, and this one is personal to me, the video was filmed in and around Stoke Newington cemetery, an area that I lived near for a year and that provided an oasis of calm in the swarming city. 'Down The Line' has charm, humour, empathy and sweet melodies that make it utterly irresistible. Also, if you look really hard at the video at about 2.20 you might just catch a glimpse of City Kebabs, the best kebab shop in all of London town. Just saying.

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