Miraculous Mule - Evil On My Mind (Bronze Records) 
Miraculous Mule - Evil On My Mind

Release Date: 31st March 2014

Now this, this right here, this is a bit special. Miraculous Mule are trio from London trading in dark, murky and sinister Blues Rock which makes for some of the cooler music around if you ask me. 'Evil On My Mind' starts out with the nightmarish sounds of a broken toy before that booming, tremulous guitar comes in and the vocals creep under the door like a mysterious fog ready to envelop each one of your senses, one by one. Part Grinderman, part Black Keys and part Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Miraculous Mule have that authentic tone about them that suggests they live and breathe this music rather than being accountants and Geography teachers who also happen to be in a band. This is music from the soul but my God what a black and damaged soul it is!? That said, the best music comes from those who have lived, seen and experienced things that most of us couldn't and perhaps shouldn't even dream of.

More information: http://www.miraculousmule.com/

Listen Here: https://soundcloud.com/bronze-rat/miraculous-mule-evil-on-my

Live Dates:

27th February - De Nodige Deudg, Moorslede
28th February - Kaffe t'Hof, Middleburg
1st March - Patronaat, Haarlem
2nd March - Gigant, Apeldoorn
3rd March - Subrosa, Dortmund
5th March - Milla, Munich
6th March - KOHI, Karlsruhe
7th March - Cafe Kairo, Bern
8th March - El Lokal, Zurich
10th March - Beatpol, Dresden
11th March - Ponyhof Club, Frankfurt
12th March - Molotow Club, Hamburg
13th March - Privatclub, Berlin

14th March - Cafe Glocksee, Hannover