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House On Fire - Something Beginning With...
House On Fire - Something Beginning With...

Release Date: February 2014 

Four lads from the Tunbridge Wells and Brighton areas walk in to a pub and proceed to make some noise in a semi-laddish way but with enough melodic integrity to get by. This is no joke, this is the story of House On Fire who are at our doorstep with their debut album 'Something Beginning With...' and it's not half bad. Once you get through the slightly ponderous and useless 'Intro', you're thrown head first in to the early Arctic Monkeys punkish delight of 'Menace Boys' and the scratchy romp of 'Living On Through Time' which borders on Reverend and the Makers territory. 'Shut The Door' has a bouncy, indie charm that is hard to ignore while 'Wanted' has a heavier, more in your face attitude about it that threatens to soundtrack a Mexican stand-off down at your local Wetherspoons.

'Edge Of The Sky' has a laid back, bass driven opening that is matched by the almost slurred vocals of Dave Pearce as the song ambles along in a gentle, very English indie way that the Kinks would thoroughly approve of. The dreamy, gentle guitars that herald the beginning of 'Flares' suggest that this is not a jaunty song about wide trousers but perhaps a more Snow Patrol-esque indie-ballad with the band showing of their impressive vocals harmonies atop some initially sparse instrumentation. 'Dreamer's Wall' is a darker, more introverted affair with minor tones while recent single 'Saturday's Sit Ups End In Sunday's Hiccups' is pure Arctic Monkeys from guitar effects to vocal phrasing. There is a subtle, almost grunge feel to 'Can I Join You On Your Wave?' that is more Silver Chair than Nirvana but appealing nonetheless. Final track 'Mister Mystery' is a Stone Roses-esque indie stomper that is pleasing on the ear if not entirely original in its construction. I've enjoyed this album and there is no doubting that House On Fire have a great set of influences. However, the secret for the band becoming successful is in finding a way of blending all these influences together to make a sound of their own rather than so obviously aping the styles of their heroes. There is hope though....

More information: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialHouseOnFire

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