Heaters - Heaters EP 
Heaters - Heaters EP

They used to be Partisans but they lost a guitarist and suddenly became Heaters...as you do. Nevertheless, the trio from Grand Rapids, Michigan, are ready to make an almighty racket for you so you'd better listen up and listen good. The EP starts with a wall of noise followed by the lizard tongued, snake hipped spirit of 'Draggin' Feet' and straight away you know these guys mean business. 'Steve's Boots' starts with the sound of a paranoid walk home through a poorly lit subway before breaking in to a sweaty, distortion vs delay guitar battle with music being the only real winner. The lyrics to 'Chili Cheese' are, in their entirety, "Do you remember how to dance, better keep moving all of your nerves are winning" and around these words swirls a world of swarthy guitars, lazy beats and melodies that are so fluid they probably change with every listen.

'Salt Lick' is a two and a half minute romp through lava lamps and go-go dancers as seen through the eyes of someone who believes the hype and has taken the blue pill rather than the red one. Final track, 'Levitate Thigh' has a fuzzy, scuzzy, garage pop charm about it that weaves between controlled melody and released chaos that is as tempting as a water slide on a hot day. Overall, Heaters are producing fine music as part of what appears to be a burgeoning underground psyche revival and long may it continue to bear fruit.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/heatersss

Live Dates: 

1st March - House Of Pancakes, Grand Rapids

21st March - Hunters Ale House, Mount Pleasant