Goodbye Chanel - Foreva (Dead Young Records) 
Goodbye Chanel - Foreva

I had to give this one a couple of listens before I got it but I think I've finally sussed Leeds quintet Goodbye Chanel out. This lead track off their forthcoming EP has a cacophony of guitars running throughout it, chiming against each other and battling with their identity as either ever-so-indie, dream pop or 80s guitar pop as being played through a knackered walkman with no bass. I can see what the guys are going for but they've almost over-egged it on 'Foreva' as the effects on vocals, guitars and drums make the sound just that little bit too muddy and washed out. Imagine eating a meal with, say, a strong flavour of cinnamon which on first taste is quite refreshing but four spoons in and your utterly sick of cinnamon - it's a little along those lines. Nevertheless, I'm intrigued to hear the rest of the EP when it comes out and hope the blend of ingredients is a touch more subtle.  

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3rd May - Live @ Leeds Festival, Leeds