Failure Machine - Failure Machine EP 
Failure Machine - EP

If there are phrases that are sure to peak my interest in a band then "two piece garage soul band from Reno" are surely high up on that particular list. Failure Machine are such a band and boy do they make a sexy racket. The soulful, grunge-garage tinged fun kicks off with 'Bottomless Pit' which is somewhere along the lines of James Brown's bastard off spring playing Lenny Kravitz covers in their garage on beaten up equipment. 'Beautiful Scene' continues the theme with a little more attitude along the lines of Blackstreet with distortion while 'Just A Little Bit' features a sassy horn section atop the scuzzed up guitars and punchy beats. Then, as if to cement their soul credentials, Failure Machine take on the Temptations classic 'I Wish It Would Rain' and despite the rough recording and sparse instrumentation, the soulfulness just shines through like a break in the clouds on a relentlessly grey day. Finishing up with the ballad that is 'I Found You', these Reno boys prove they've got the chops and you can almost hear them mopping the sweat from their brow with a monogrammed handkerchief. These guys take things on another level from the likes of the Black Keys (big fan by the way) and I would dearly love to hear them live as I can only imagine the shows to be impassioned, sweaty and semi-religious experiences. Sadly, Cornwall to Reno is one hell of a journey and I'm all outta gas right now...

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27th February - Smiley's Schooner Saloon, Bolinas