Deux Furieuses - Can We Talk About This? 
Deux Ferieuses - Can We Talk About This?

Duos. Two pieces. Duets. Company. Whatever you want to call it, there has been a swing towards two person bands recently but the two people behind Deux Furieuses are more trail blazers than herd followers. You see, Ros and Vas have already been trading under the moniker We Rock Like Girls Don't until recently trading up for a less wordy and more continental sounding name. Despite the name change, though, these two sirens of rock'n'roll have maintained their passion, uncompromising nature and sense of rock'n'roll intensity that made them such a bittersweet pill all along. 'Can We Talk About This?' is chugging, relentless and almost mechanic piece of rock'n'roll that you really don't want to get in to an argument with. Politicized, impassioned and as tight as a Yorkshireman the day before pay day, Deux Furieuses are able to rock harder as a duo than most stadium sized bands with backing singers, gongs and brass sections ever manage. The drumming and percussive is worth a mention here as well as many two piece drummers stick to maintaining the rhythm but on this track Vas manages to turn the rhythm in to another melody with which to harmonise the guitars. There's more to come from these two, no doubt about it, but this is a damn fine start and a beautiful relaunch to their career.   

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