Davidge feat. Cate Le Bon - Gallant Foxes (7Hz Productions) 
Davidge - Gallant Foxes

Release Date: 31st March 2014

Davidge, or Neil Davidge as his mum calls him, has been the man behind Massive Attack's production for over 15 years but this is his first venture out on his own and this is the first single taken from recent album 'Slo Light'. The Euro beats of 'Gallant Foxes' could feature on an Air track and this feeling is only intensified by the sultry and seductive tones of guest vocalist Cate Le Bon. Weirdly, after one listen, I couldn't remember a melody to speak of so I went back for a second listen only to find that apart from a pulsating bass line and sporadic guitar notes, the real melody is carried by Le Bon's lighter-than-air vocals drifting across the airwaves. For any Massive Attack fans out there I would say come and have a listen but don't expect this to be as dark as the Bristolian collective's work as 'Gallant Foxes' has a certain breeziness and mystique about it that you might only otherwise expect to experience in a forest clearing at dawn on a crisp spring morning.