Christ T-T & The Hoodrats - Bury Me With A Scarab (Xtra Mile Recordings) 
Chris T-T & The Hoodrats - Bury Me With A Scarab

Release Date: 10th February 2014

Chris T-T was a great discovery for me in 2013 and this latest single is a great reminder of his talent...and the talent of his Hoodrats. 'Bury Me With A Scarab' is a sexy indie swagger of a tune that, if the vocals were slightly more erratic, could easily be confused for a Pixies indie disco floor filler. There are some punkish guitars, a satisfyingly chugging bass line and the kind of malevolent sneer that only the best performers can get in to their voice. This is all very well and certainly deserves being spun at a few Camden indie nights if there's any justice in the world but there is one slightly unnerving point: this is essentially a song about being buried alive. Now, for me, my recurring nightmare is being set adrift in space with just enough oxygen to watch as Earth spins off in to the distance but for a lot of people it's being buried alive. So, for that I think they should put a health warning on this track - just to stop a Student Union full of taphophobes freaking out when this song comes on. Yes I looked it up, get off my case.

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