Blackbird & The Storm - Black Crow (Ed Records) 
Blackbird & The Storm - Black Crow

Release Date: 17th February 2014

Marie-Juliette Bird is not so much a musician but more a visionary, poet and artist creating experiences through sound. That is what I would say if I was to take this pretentiously and believe the hype on her website. But what Ms Bird (for she is the talent behind Blackbird & The Storm) is a kick-ass woman with a richly coloured soul capable of creating music with dark tones. 'Black Crow' cracks in to life with an air raid siren and a Stephen Hawking-esque voice before the chugging guitars and Bird's succulent, seductive voice floats through the air like vapourised velvet. The subtlety of Bird's understated performance is in keeping with the likes of PJ Harvey, Bat For Lashes, Ani De Franco and Shirley Manson at her most menacing. As the song builds to a steady crescendo of noise and melody, you know you've heard something pretty special. There's an album due later in the year which I am suddenly eagerly awaiting....and you should be too.

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24th April - Boulder Theater