Bernaccia - Armada (Cinema trilogy) 
Bernaccia - Armada (Cinema trilogy)

Release Date: 24th February 2014

There are a few bands that seem to crop up in the LWM inbox more and more frequently these days and Newcastle quartet Bernaccia are, thankfully, one such band. This latest release, 'Armada', is a three track delight for those who like their music with atmosphere, attitude and a sense that there is more to making music than getting your logo right and having matching haircuts. 'Armada' opens affairs but sounds like the end of the world with a very Apocalypse Now feel to it as the distorted bass of Kieran Healy keeps things chugging along and the guitars swirl all around you like debris in a sand storm. Never fear, though, the four horsemen of the anti-apocalypse come riding in on 'Circuit Ryder (Oh My)' with a wild west feel and some serious tub thumping from drummer Chris Cox. These guys are here to save the day, save the world and all they ask for in payment is your soul which you will gladly give once you see the alternatives. The final track of the three is 'No Home For The Buffalo', a five minute epic of blues infused atmospheric rock'n'roll with a sense of purpose that could soundtrack footage of a chain gang working away under a blistering sun and the watch of a remorseless guard. This is the first part of a trilogy of releases under the Cinema title that will see the band release a single a month, each one accompanied by an exclusive piece of artwork. Listen up young pups, this is how you do music and this is how you release it to keep people interested. Superb stuff.

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26th April - Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle-upon-Tyne