Albert Hammond Junior - Strange Tidings (Cult Records) 
Albert Hammond Jnr. - Strange Tidings

Release Date: 3rd February 2014

I've always thought Albert Hammond Junior looked distinctly French. Y'know, you can see him looking all moody in a black coat and walking by the Seine with a Gauloise hanging from his bottom lip and a shrug at the ready no matter what the question. It's kinda pleasing, then, that this new single, 'Strange Tidings', has a French indie feel to it despite still sounding very much like the Strokes. Those signature chiming guitars and too-cool-for-school vocals are present and correct along with a sexy little bass line that does its own thing when it wants to. It puts me in mind of some of my obscurer loves like Holy City Rollers and Ben's Symphonic Orchestra which is no bad thing but is a little surprising from a bona fide rock star. Well played Bert.

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Live Dates:

3rd May - Live At Leeds, Leeds

4th May - Stag & Dagger, Glasgow