Whales In Cubicles - All The Pretty Flowers (Club The Mammoth) 
Whales In Cubicles - All The Pretty Flowers

Release Date: 3rd February 2014

Picture the scene: a lo-fi American teen romp with Michael Cera in it has just finished and before the credits roll up, our protagonist has to walk off in to an understated sunset (or maybe ride a skateboard) in a faded brown hoodie and converse trainers. The tune that soundtracks that scene is 'All The Pretty Flowers' by London combo Whales In Cubicles. This precursor to their imminent debut album is a plodding, slacker anthem with bursts of chiming guitars and a voice that you could go surfing on. There's a 90s, Westcoast vibe that I can't help but be drawn to as that Beach Boys meets a sulky Nirvana sound just washes over me and crashes in to my memories of teenage musical discovery. The album comes out just a week after this single and there's a tour going on too so you've every chance to fall in love. I already have.

Live Dates:

28th January - Think Tank, Newcastle
29th January - Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
31st January - A Nation Of Shopkeepers, Leeds
1st February - Night & Day, Manchester
5th February - Cookie Jar, Leicester
6th February - Moles, Bath
7th February - The Prince Albert, Brighton
13th February - Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London
14th February - Sixty Million Postcards, Bournemouth

15th February - Start The Bus, Bristol