The Teamsters - Play Along With... (Moody Monkey Records) 
The Teamsters - Play Along With...

Release Date: February 2014

Well this is exciting stuff, people. What we have here is as close as LWM will ever get to a bona fide, nailed down, fresh out of the box exclusive as London trio The Teamsters have given me a sneak preview of their forthcoming debut EP, 'Play Along With...'. Out next month on Hamburg label Moody Monkey Records, this is potentially one of the shortest EPs I have ever heard (just over 10 minutes for four tracks) but it's also a refreshing burst of energy and beat-era melodies. Opening track, 'Diggin' An Early Grave' has an urgent menace about it that reminds of alot of continental indie-pop that comes my way, particularly from our Scandinavian cousins. 'Girl (How Could Ya?)' has a beautiful Mersey-beat pop simplicity that is impossible to resist. The guitars sound sharp and punchy while the drums puncture the melodies to keep those feet moving.

Switching to side two of this vinyl only release and there is no let up in tempo as the garage punk meets beat pop stylings of these dapper gents about town shows no signs of relenting. 'Don't Come Back Home' jerks, shudders and sneers in your face with the hips of a young Mick Jagger, the gang mentality of the Hives and the cool of the Velvet Underground. Final track 'A Girl Named Linda' shudders in to life and continues with the itch of an over excited drunkard, agitated by something they can't quite articulate. The Teamsters have taken beat music and given it a slightly darker, modern twist which is a delight. A delight that I hope you all get to share with me soon.