The Manic Shine - Weightless (The Animal Farm) 
The Manic Shine - Weightless

The multi-cultural, multi-influenced and multi-talented nature of The Manic Shine is exactly what makes them quite so enthralling. Sure, 'Weightless' could draw comparisons with the likes of System Of A Down, Boy Hits Car and Incubus at their more maniacal, but there is more to this London based four piece than meets the ears. Chunky, fast paced riffs with hammer-blow drums is one thing but throw in a stadium sized indie-pop chorus, a vocalist with all the charm and charisma of Beelzebub himself and two brothers who are Israeli-Scottish (what a combo, I want to party with those guys) and you have something quite unique indeed. Unique enough to film a video with a circus troupe and get away with a guitarist wearing a tie-dyed t-shirt (I was going to call him on it but the music is too good). There's a fairly extensive tour coming up so I'd get the hell on the bus and go see these guys before they blow up big time. Or a train. Or just walk. Go nuts.

Live Dates:
30th January - AAA, London
31st January - Apple & Parrot, Torquay
7th February - Talk, Birmingham
22nd February - Scorpios, High Wycombe
28th February - Asylum, Chelmsford
8th March - The Brunswick, Gloucester
14th March - Marrs Bar, Worcester
23rd May - Volksfest, Plymouth

14th September - Rock & Metal Circus, Northampton