The Dirty Nil - Wrestle Yü To Husker Dü 
The Dirty Nil - Wrestle Yü ToHusker Dü

There's been a butt-load of good music coming my way from Canada recently but it's mostly been of the carefully constructed indie or delicate acoustic pop variety. The Dirty Nil have all the delicacy of using a sledgehammer to peel a grape and are about as far from acoustic pop as North Korea is from being a chilled out, liberal holiday resort. An early contender for title of the year, 'Wrestle Yü to Husker Dü', is a Nirvana meets Pixies shaped slab of grinding, grunge that is as satisfying and pleasing as a having your favourite sandwich delivered to your bed 5 minutes after particularly good morning sex. This is a shot across the bows ahead of the band's forthcoming new EP 'SMITE' which I, for one can't wait to get my hands on and my ears around.

Live Dates:

20th February - Shea Stadium, Brooklyn
21st February - Anna Liffey's Pub, New Haven
22nd February - Tasty Burger, Cambridge
28th February - Jimmy Jazz, Guelph
2nd March - Theatre Cambrian, Sudbury
6th March - Call The Office, London
21st March - Silver Dollar, Toronto
28th March - Saint Catharines, Detour Music Hall

29th March - The Spice Factory, Hamilton