Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Tear Away Tusa - Into The Digital Age 
Tear Away Tusa - Into The Digital Age

Time to check in with the Canadian scene again and see what they're producing these days. Tear Away Tusa seem to peddle indie-soul-jazz-pop with neo-classical vocals and a subtle horn section....just for kicks. Erin Tusa (now the band name makes sense) is the charismatic front-lady of the band with an impressive pair of pipes (easy now) and it's her voice that really sticks out on opening track 'Go And Take' as well as the laid back, Amy Winehouse-esque melodies. 'We Fall' has a more smoky, lounge bar atmosphere about it along the lines of Gabriella Cilmi but with a little more ingenuity and spark about it. Title track, 'Music in the Digital Age', has some gorgeous bluesy guitar work and a bass line so thick you shelter under it during a particularly heavy downpour. Tusa's voice shows more range in this final song of the three, using the quiet tones as well as the impressive power she possesses. I feel that in certain areas of the world and in a certain type of venue, Tear Away Tusa would go down extremely well as long as the audience appreciates technical musical ability. There's no denying the talent these guys have in performing but I'm not overly convinced that these songs are going to turn huge numbers of heads.

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