Saturday, 25 January 2014


Shake Tiger Shake - Break These Chains 
Shake Tiger Shake - Break These Chains

Here comes another London duo make electro tunes and having a pop at stardom. Shake Tiger Shake is the collective noun for a duo made up of Sarah Lazenby and Paul Withey and 'Break These Chains' is the name of their new single. This is a sexy, soulful little number with Lazenby's vocals giving you an aural lap dance while Withey's dirty bass lines and slinky beats lurk in the shadows offering you cocktails and other, less legal treats. Prince would love this and would probably make sweet, sleazy love to a groupie to it - then again, Prince could make 'The Birdy Song' a seduction tool. Essentially, this is soul for the Gameboy generation and it does everything you want sexy music to do so sit back and make sure you've got plenty of dollar bills.

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