Septa - The Lover

First things first, what the hell is that cover art all about? A woman wearing nothing but a burning swimming cap trying to scratch the oil off her shoulders? I thought Miley Cyrus had jumped the shark for a minute but no, it's the new album from Ukrainian heavy prog rockers Septa. The Odessa based quartet have some big riffs and a sense of the dramatic which are basically the two requisite ingredients for any metal-core band in my book. Tracks like '12th', 'Enter The Butterflies' and 'Discouraged One' are packed full of meaty riffs, throat shredding vocals and a sense of disorientation that would make these tunes useful to play to someone you need to get secrets out of by making them forget their own name. Similarities can be drawn with bands like System Of A Down, Tool and Boy Hits Car but on 'Her Body Still Sings' Septa take things in their own direction. This is music for the soundtrack of a harrowing but beautifully shot film about genocide or people trafficking - sumptuous and sparse at the same time.

This might only be a six track album but when tracks like 'Widower' come in at nearly seven minutes long, there is no suggestion that this is throw-away stuff. This penultimate song has a lighter, more hopeful (or at least less doom-laden) feel to it which would suit Pearl Jam or Faith No More in their more defiant moments. Finishing up with 'Eulogy (Epilogue)' - sort of Massive Attack meets Rival Schools - Septa leave the listener in no doubt that they came to rock and I can imagine many a rock club around the UK reverberating to the pounding drums and throbbing bass lines of these songs before too long.