Salt Ashes - Somebody (Night Beach Records) 
Salt Ashes - Somebody

Release Date: 17th February 2014

Veiga Sanchez, for she is Salt Ashes, comes on strong with her debut single 'Somebody', like a sassy 90s American girl entering a club in a movie after an awesome make over. The sexy electro melodies are pure La Roux meets Daft Punk and Giorgio Moroder in a dark alley whilst listening to some Madonna on an iPod. As for Sanchez's voice, it's in the field of Robyn or Florence Welch in terms of its range from timid to powerfully funky which gives this tune a great emotional range. Sadly, as groovy as the tune is, it never quite swells to the fever pitch you'd hope for if you heard this in a nightclub and wanted to pull your best moves to it. Salt Ashes has potential but there needs to be a bigger tune to hang the reputation on than this or she may go the way of Little Boots. Remember her? Exactly.