Running Red Lights - There's A Bluebird In My Heart 
Running Red Lights - There's A Bluebird In My Heart

Considering there is so much dominance of the global music scene by American artists, it seems strangely ironic that LWM has been inundated with Canadian talent recently but little or nothing from their cousins South of the border.  A mere observation, nothing more nothing less. Running Red Lights are a quartet from Toronto who deal in the more sweeping end of the indie spectrum with great success. 'Mulberry Love' is a huge, expansive tune that builds beautifully with elements of country and a delightfully subtle change in rhythm as the fever pitch is approached. The acoustic shuffle that opens up 'In Parentheses' is gentle and comforting while 'Under The Wire' has a distinctly Springsteen feel to it which seems to be coming back in to style these days. Jeff Carter's poppy bass blended with some Bond-esque guitars create a Fleetwood Mac vibe on 'Dear Liza' and the delicious organs mingle with Scarlett's vocals on 'Love Letter Airplanes' to keep that vibe going. There is a definite 70s/80s Mac feel to 'Parlour Cafe' too with those dreamy guitars and whispered female vocals intermingling like lovers on silk sheets.

Tracks like 'Boxcar Telegrams', 'By Your Side' and 'Run Away' show that Running Red Lights aren't content to just mimic the likes of Fleetwood Mac and have the ability to take things forward in an Arcade Fire kinda way....but lighter. As we approach the end of the album, 'Memory Balls' glides in to view with a sound like Of Monsters And Men as the vocals of Scarlett and Kevin Howley blend in beautiful harmony. However, on album closer 'A Damn Good Way To Go' they revert to those Fleetwood Mac-ian tendencies to have one last blast of those vocals harmonies and sweet, sweet guitars. This is beautiful, melodic and harmonious stuff with lush instrumentation throughout and for fans of the mighty Mac this is a dream come true. And as for the Americans? Well, they'll just have to start trying harder I think. Bieber doesn't even come close to Running Red Lights.  

Live Dates:

23rd January - London Music Club @ Big Hall, London (Canada)
24th January - RCYC Winter Ball, Toronto
25th January - Paddy Flaherty's Irish Pub, Sarnia
31st January - Theatre Pass Muraille, Toronto

1st February - Marmora Community Centre, Marmora