Quiz Kids - Dynamite! (February Records) 
Quiz Kids - Dynamite!

The Yankees are coming! And they brought tunes. Dashed clever of them. Quiz Kids are a trio making indie-pop tunes which will have your head nodding from side to side like a 1960s teenage girl. This three track EP opens with 'I Want You To Know', a track full of Lennon-esque guitar solos, popping bass lines and the kind of easy indie-pop sensibilities you might expect from Teenage Fanclub or Redd Kross (it's also got a ruddy massive instrumental coda). 'Too Much For Me To Shoulder' is an even more laid back affair, channelling the likes of Evan Dando or Eels with some sublime guitar solo work that meanders like a the Dude on a bicycle riding along some suburban American streets. The organ fuelled lilt of 'Hey You' is pure slacker loveliness with that Best Coast sound mixed with the Bon Bon Club sense of 'whatever' and some divine handclaps. I don't expect Quiz Kids to ever start playing stadiums but that's largely because it would be too much hassle and they'd be having too much fun playing at their local bar.