Larry Tee's Super Electric Party Machine - Super Electric Party Machine (Carnage Music) 
Super Electric Party Machine

Release Date: 13th January 2014 

This isn't background music. This is Marmite music. You'll love this or hate this. This is Larry Tee's Super Electric Party Marchine. On the one-hand, this is hipster targeted dance music dripping in irony (or is it?) but on the other hand it's just a collection of noises with a sense of humour and so cracking beats. Either way, you can't ignore it. Tracks like 'Dirty Chicken (ft. Nwando)' and 'Sexy Sexy (ft. Princess Superstar)' raise the Electroclash credentials of the album while 'Bodytalk (ft. Portia Ferrari & AttackAttackAttack' should have been released on new year's eve 1989 for maximum effect. Then you have 'Boys That Go Woot! (ft. Roxy Cottontail)' which is LMFAO meets Rednex in some rundown Ibiza bar on a Tuesday night.

The screamed beginnings to 'Supermodel INC (ft. Sharon Needles)' signals the sheer nutsiness of the tune (and supermodels) but 'Shameless (ft. Lady Cartel)' is a Missy Elliot beast of a tune with a face pounding beat and a scuzzy, dirty bass line. I love the title of 'Disco Me Disco (ft. Andrey Bartnev)' but it sounds a little bit like a tune a bedroom DJ made using samples of 80s computer games which isn't always bad but in this case I'm not sure it works. The album/party finishes up with 'Party Girl (ft. Swick and QBoy)' which is a Flat Eric-esque tune that wants to eat your party whole and then throw it up behind a kebab shop later during a dubious blow job. Larry Tee's Super Electric Party Machine is kinda like that first big night out in Soho, lots of new experiences - some good, some bad - and a lot of fun but a sense of confusion and slight regret the next day. Still worth it though...

Live Dates:

17th January - East Bloc, London