John Smith - Great Lakes 
John Smith - Great Lakes

Release Date: 27th January 2014

Before even listening to this, my favourite thing about this record is that the artist, John Smith, has happily gone along with the traditional 'most common name in Britain'. It's probably not true anymore, too many Tyler's and Archie's roaming the land, but at least he didn't go for a fancy name change or a silly spelling (Jean Smythe, for instance). I also like him because he's from Devon and that makes this Devonian quite proud indeed considering the attention the attention his music is getting - I hope the music lives up to all this hype........don't worry, it totally does. 'Great Lakes' is the name of Mr Smith's forthcoming new single which is a lament of soaring proportions full of sweeping strings, a shuffled beat and the kind of voice that should only be heard when your heart is on the verge of breaking. Smiths' dusky, gravelly tones are simply beautiful and the guitar work is entirely Simon and Garfunkel-esque with a lilting edge to the melody that runs throughout. Lyrically, this is a tragic tale of love, loss and regret but with a tinge of defiance just hanging around in the background. John Smith is a talent, no doubt, and I look forward to the album, also called 'Great Lakes' confusingly enough.

Live Dates:

22nd May - Chorlton Arts Festival, Crewe

31st May - Acoustic Festival of Britain, Uttoxeter