Forever Cult - Suntrap (Clue Records) 

Release Date: 27th January 2014

Along with Xtra Mile, Clue Records are pretty much my favourite label at the moment and, in Forever Cult, they have an expansive and adventurous yet slacker-infused group of young men. 'Suntrap' is a laid back, Dinosaur Jr meets Swim Deep tune that drifts out of the speakers like weed smoke down the hall of an American College dorm in the mid-90s. The rousing chorus and stoned Beach Boys 'whoo-hoos' just add to the sense that these guys should be reluctantly churning out music from a West Coast bedsit rather than West Yorkshire. More than that, though, is that this is a grunge ballad of such sparse sounds (hell, I swear the drummer just gives up at one point) yet it has better ideas and more substance than most guitar bands can muster on a whole album. Just imagine if they got up before noon and could be bothered? F'real.

Oh, and it's a free download from 27th January so go get you some. 

Live Dates:

31st January - 360 Club @ The Library, Leeds w/Allusondrugs