Feeds - Mind, Soul & Me EP 
Feeds - Mind, Soule & Me

I'm always slightly cautious when a band openly admits to being influenced by Razorlight and includes playing Frisbee as a 'band interest'. Not that there is anything intrinsically wrong with either of these things but it's like meeting someone on a blind date only to find out that they're teetotal and they do Morris dancing every weekend. It's slightly unnerving. No matter, I didn't get where I am today by being unnerved. Leeds 5-piece Feeds are purveyors of uplifting, indie-pop with smooth corners and slick production. The opening tracks on this 7 track EP, 'Beware Believe' and 'Shallow Eyes', are romping, upbeat and up-tempo songs that could easily be tracks by The Feeling or Mika if he was in a rock'n'roll mood. 'Devil & A Crowd' is a more ponderous, almost Prog-Rock affair that has its roots in Pink Floyd or early Queen but still with those Feeling-esque vocals. There is a little more urgency on 'Into Over' with some nice jangly guitars and a chunky riff that is lifted straight from Rocket From The Crypt's 'On A Rope' but given a more pop treatment.

It's on 'Don't Be Scared', however, where Feeds start to show their potential with muted guitars and rippling, tumbling melodies that bring to mind the music of Feist or Bat For Lashes. 'Blessing & A Curse' is skittish, acoustic driven song with a throbbing heartbeat of rhythm that reminds me of a lot of 90s indie bands that I used to listen to more than I do now (The Bluetones and Marion spring to mind). Closing up with 'Draw The Air', Feeds show off their more tender side with some acoustic picking and atmospheric melodies gently cushioning the near-whispered vocals without ever really achieving the crescendo you might hope for. Feeds have obviously got some songwriting talent and they know how to arrange a song but my personal preference would be for a little more edge and/or passion in the songs as they all feel a little bit on the safe side to me. Maybe attach some razors to the Frisbee and see where that gets you...

More information: http://www.wearefeeds.co.uk/

Live Dates:

25th January - The Packhorse, Leeds