Thursday, 23 January 2014


Dark Mean - Albatross 
Dark Mean - Albatross

Ambiguous trio Dark Mean are returning after a 3 year hiatus with an EP and this is the first salvo in the form of the single 'Albatross'. This is a gentle, moody, slightly regretful indie song that builds slowly layering up bass, drums, guitar, organ and trumpet in to a tasty if slightly mournful cake. The first time I listened to this I had a distinctly 'meh' reaction but at LWM everyone gets a second listen and Dark Mean have benefited from this. Further investigation proves this to be a epic indie ballad with real heart-on-the-sleeve emotion in both the lyrics and the music. Clearly Dark Mean's break from the music scene has been well spent and on this evidence the EP is something to look forward to. No gigs lined up though, for shame.

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