Monday, 27 January 2014


Dahlia FX - Stone Cold Silver EP 
Dahlia FX - Stone Cold Silver EP

Dahlia FX are a British duo who specialise in a very niche area of music. Essentially, all the songs on this EP could all be the feedback and sustain laden end to a My Bloody Valentine set. Now, that doesn't make songs like 'Stone Cold Silver' and 'Custom Built Buddah' bad but it does make them particularly suited to a very specific set of circumstances - those circumstances being late at night when the you're in a slightly more inebriated state than your average rock'n'roll star. 'Future Thing' is more of the same - layers of feedback, pounding drums and vocals that are coming from somewhere down a hall inside my mind. The lightness of 'Breezed In' is a welcome respite from the aural onslaught but, as it only lasts a minute and a half, 'She's A Screamer' takes you right back in the pits of fiery, rock'n'roll debauchery and tortured souls. If I walked in to the right club with the right percentage of Jack Daniels in my blood stream then this would be awesome music. On a stone-cold sober Monday night in front of a roaring fire, however, this doesn't quite hit the spot.

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