Coma Coast - 1989/The Ritual (Parissi La Musique) 
Coma Coast - 1989/The Ritual

Release Date: 24th February 2014

A Venezuelan and a Londoner. Utah Saints meets 80s electro pop. Bouncing synths versus stomping dance beats. These are the delightful conflicts that make up the sound of Coma Coast, a duo of the electro-dance persuasion. Each side of this single has its own remix version but the original of '1989' is an understated, almost subdued electro-pop joy with drums that punch home and synths that bounce around like sun beams off a broken car window. The remix version of '1989' by Attar! is a little darker with those beats and synths layered up once again to create an even bigger dance onion even if it does lack a little direction. 'The Ritual' starts off like the background music to Sega's answer to Street Fighter, Streets Of Rage, but the slightly camp vocals Mariano Robles bring this in to the 21st Century as a smoky, seductive serpent tapping you on the shoulder and whispering naughty things in your ear. The Sano remix of 'The Ritual' is a more stripped down affair with skittish, manic vocal samples that are entirely suitable as the ringtone of a serial killer. On the whole, this is chilled out, well made dance music with a slightly different twist so I'm all for it.