Burning Codes - She's The Only One For Me (Oilbug Music) 
Burning Codes - She's The Only One For Me

Release Date: 13th January 2014

Essentially the solo project of Belfastian (Belfaster?) Paul Archer, Burning Codes is boosted by the addition of members of Snow Patrol and Tired Pony on this new single, 'She's The Only One For Me'. Despite sounding like a George Formby tune about a girl called Doris, this is actually an extremely Snow Patrol sounding track. However, it's Snow Patrol at the point just before they went all ballad-obsessed and starting doing appearances on the X-Factor. There is an appealingly undulating bass line and some choppy, Ash vs. Feeder at their prime riffs as well as a great, sing along chorus. The only slight issue I have with this track is that the repeated line of "she's the only one for me" is bound to be used at the wedding of many an indie couple but, to me, it sounds a little bit more like the lone ramblings of a serial stalker. More 'Stan' than 'Angels'.