Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Adaen - Hearts True...Bypassed 
Adaen - Hearts True...Bypassed

What's that you say? A trio from Russia influenced by Muse, Mastodon and the Mars Volta? Well this should be pretty bloody interesting. Adaen kick this short sharp album with 'Intro (Link Up The Circle)' which, lyrically, is pretty poor (but hell, way better than my Russian lyrics) but musically is an assault on the senses along the lines of dive bombing in to ice cold plunge pool. 'Dissaude' wears it's Mars Volta influences on its sleeve, even swaying in to System Of A Down territory from time to time which is no bad thing. The relentless, body blow riffs of 'Airship Graveyard' are worth enduring for the moody, swirling guitars that ape Muse at their heaviest during a live show. 'Hearts True...Bypassed' contains the disturbing lyric "No more we ain't virgin, we've been raped in many ways" but it also features a super-fast bass solo that most metal bands would sacrifice a goat for. Finishing up with 'Blockade', Adaen channel their inner speed-metal band to great effect before leaving as abruptly as they arrived. This is interesting stuff and I love the fact that they don't take their foot off the accelerator for one second but I'd hope for something a little more diverse from that impressive list of influences.

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