Monday, 16 December 2013


Unwave - Exhale EP 
Unwave - Exhale EP

More great new music from Leeds now as post-rock trio Unwave have a snarling, scratching EP for your ears - be warned, it might make your ears bleed though. In a good way. Reassuringly, opening track 'Flicker' starts off with an At The Drive-In sized riff and continues with the attitude of a confused, disorientated but excited Golden Retriever. 'FPS' has a more mellow feel to it with deep, low slung riffs playing out underneath Cable-esque vocals and atop bone rattling drums. Just when you think 'Continuation Off Course' is going to be a slow-burning, lighter waving ballad, it turns in to an altogether darker, more primal piece of music that lasts for the best part of 7 minutes and takes more twists and turns than a night out with your mates that starts out as a couple of pints and ends up with you waking up in a disused theme park, naked in the rollercoaster. The last of the four tracks on this EP, 'Sixtieht Mile', has a delicate feel to it in a Sebadoh kind of way as the hypnotic guitar riff builds oh-so-slowly from a Sunday morning, post binge slumber before emerging, chrysalis-like in to a jagged edged, bad-ass butterfly. Unwave are the kind of band I like to listen to for hours in the wee smalls when the lights are low and the darkness is all encompassing.

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