The Voluntary Butler Scheme - Quinzhee (Split Records) 
The Voluntary Butler Scheme - Quinzhee

Release Date: 23rd December 2014

Multi-instrumentalist Rob Jones writes, releases and performs all his music under the pseudonym of The Voluntary Butler Scheme which is weird but, hey, what's weird these days that isn't worth investigating, eh? Apart from being a shelter made in a hollowed out pile of snow, 'Quinzhee' is also the title of Jones' attempt at a Christmas single, hence the release date. Opening with the lines "I'm building us a house out of snow, and if it doesn't melt then we'll know, that our love is unheatable and our love is unbeatable" shows that Jones has a penchant for the quirky and the fun as well as a tender, honest approach to the love in his life. Sounding very much like a mix of Jim Noir, Badly Drawn Boy and the Flaming Lips, The Voluntary Butler Scheme hasn't got a hope in hell of reaching the Christmas number 1 spot but this is by far the most fun Christmas song that has been released in some time so it's alright by me.

Live Dates:

17th December - The Macbeth, London