Monday, 16 December 2013


The Diamond Age - Demo 
The Diamond Age - Demo

This is pretty much brand new stuff people. I'm talking hot off the presses, cellophane wrapped, price tag still on and covered in that new car smell. Southampton duo The Diamond Age have minimal buzz and seemingly not much of a following but what they do have is a picture of a bearded man water skiing and a serious sense of melody. The first of these two tracks, 'Andrew's An Android', has a smattering of Vampire Weekend and early Bombay Bicycle Club about it to begin with but by the end of the tune it has turned in to a Hot Chip vs LCD Soundsystem duel of epic disco proportions with Transformer refereeing. 'Yesterday Was' is a more straight down the line indie guitar romp with a late 80s feel to it channelling the Style Council and Squeeze but the freshness and energy is delightfully refreshing in the cynical, too cool for school musical world that exists these days. They won't be underground for long folks so catch a whiff while there's room for your nose at the trough.  

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