Richard Lomax - [mk iii] EP (DogFace Records) 
Richard Lomax - [mk iii]

Release Date: 9th December 2013

I first came across Richard 'Dickie' Lomax a few months back when he sent me a work in progress version of a few songs from this EP so when the full version appeared in my inbox I was excited to hear the finished article. Lomax doesn't disappoint and hearing some of these songs is like catching up with old friends who've been working out and have a new haircut. 'Glamour' sounds as jaunty and cheeky as ever without too much change from the earlier version which is reassuring as Lomax should never be one of those over-polished, over-produced artists. Next up is a new track on my ears in the shape of 'Vodka Stomach' which is skiffle ode to abusing one's own body with recreational substances. For a mellower, more subdued experience, why not try the delightful 'Windmills'? This is a song that channels Badly Drawn Boy, latter-day Divine Comedy and Jim Noir in its simplicity, charm and quirkiness.

Back on the skiffle tip, 'Set Me Free' comes shuffling in with a cowboy swagger and an Alex Turner sense of cool that is undeniably attractive in a man and a song. 'Set Me Free' also has one of the best drum solo interludes I've heard recently so get involved and prepare your air drum kit for a duet. 'Wag The Wonderbitch' has a beautifully scuzzy bass sound and a sprinkly, tinkly melody that shouldn't work together but they entirely do and Lomax's Jarvis Cocker meets a young Elvis vocal is just.....well, put it this way, it needs to be heard by more people. Closing the EP with 'Wellness', Lomax walks off in to a Tarantino sunset with his hands in his pockets and his heart on his sleeve before looking back over his shoulder to give you a nod, a wink and a wry, knowing smile. Richard Lomax is that rare thing these days in that he has taken time and care over the crafting of each of these songs from penning the lyrics to arranging the musicians and it is something that shines through like a beacon in a fog of mediocrity. Well played sir, well played indeed.

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19th December - The Ferret, Preston