Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Manou - Sadie 
Manou - Sadie

Hipster Pop. Is that a genre? It is now. Teenage chanteuse Manou is a half-German, half-English (half-schnitzel, half-banger - if you will) and entirely enthralling as a prospect. 'Sadie' is an early salvo from the songstress which is swimming in attitude, cool and a pop sensibility that is rare these days. Manou brings to mind sonic images of early Sugababes mixed with Azalea Banks all played out in a Hoxton backroom bar with hipsters lounging around sipping on obscure East European lagers. There is an 80s undercurrent to the melodies but the production qualities are bang up to date which presents an intriguing juxtaposition and makes Manou an exciting proposition.

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