Friday, 15 November 2013


The Foreign Films - Fall Of The Summer Heart 
The Foreign Films - Fall Of The Summer Heart

I haven't finished listening to this single yet but I can tell you that, musically speaking, there are more original ideas in the first thirty seconds of this song than the combined efforts of Will.I.Am and Olly Murs. Not saying a huge amount, I know, but food for thought nonetheless. The Foreign Films are driven by the husky voiced Bill Majoros who is something of a Prog Rock Indie Folk version of James Murphy, if that makes sense. 'The Fall Of The Summer Heart' is a twelve minute opus that takes on most song based genres and channels the likes of the Beach Boys, the Flaming Lips, Cast, LCD Soundsystem and ELO. The song is split in to eight sections or movements that take you on an undulating but seamless which is made impressive when you learn that this song took a year to record. I must also make mention of the artwork for this track which is an area so sadly neglected in our digital age - whoever did the artwork has a beautiful if slightly melancholic mind but this is the perfect match for such a rich audio tapestry.

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