Tuesday, 12 November 2013


The Dirty Nil - Nicotine 
The Dirty Nil - Nicotine

What has a sub two minute punk-rock'n'roll tune fuelled with gasoline, cigarettes and testosterone got in common with an extra dimensional being going on a Jeremy Kyle style TV show because she has a possessive boyfriend?  No, these are not the dreams I had after eating a whole wheel of Brie washed down with a bottle of mouthwash. In fact, these are the two artistic representations of the new single 'Nicotine' by Canadian power rock trio The Dirty Nil. The rumbly, rattly nature of this track is charming in its own way but it's the high-octane approach to Status Quo riffing that makes this track so highly addictive. That, and the fact that you can listen to it at least five times in ten minutes which is one of the best things you can do five times in ten minutes without risking serious dehydration. And chafing.

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