Sunday, 24 November 2013


Little Matador - Liar Liar EP 
Little Matador - Liar Liar EP

Well I did not expect this. The email that accompanied this EP was from Nathan Connolly, guitarist with Snow Patrol, introducing his new band Little Matador featuring members of Idlewild and The Frames among others. Now, I've got time for both Snow Patrol and Idlewild plus Little Matador is an outstanding new band name but I didn't have the highest hopes for this debut EP. But then 'Reasons' happened. Queens Of The Stone Age sized riffs with the bombast of Span or INXS at their most rocking hit you like a sledgehammer to the gut before the chugging guitars and thumping drums set about boxing your ears until they a good way. Next up is 'Boom Boom' which is part The Cooper Temple Clause towards the end of their career and part Terminator soundtrack but those intense and unapologetic guitars are back with a vengeance. There is an urgency about Little Matador that is so pleasing to hear coupled with the experience and honed song writing skills of musicians that have been there, done that and sold the t-shirt on their merchandise stands. 'Gimme All You've Got' is a slightly more laid back affair but the brooding, menacing rhythm of the drums combined with the constant drone bring to mind the night time scenes in films like the Lost Boys or a REALLY good way. Final and title track, 'Liar Liar', is a little more punky in approach with fierce, furious and distorted vocals over the top of incessant guitars and pounding drums. I am genuinely really impressed by this as a debut and, in a way, I'm glad this is something of an indie supergroup as if this was a band at the start of their careers I would be hugely worried for the competition. Oh and the artwork is ace too, complete package then!

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