Sunday, 17 November 2013


Lion Bark - Longhorns/Two Prongs 
Lion Bark - Longhorns/Two Prongs

There's an awful lot of 'hype' around the early awakenings of Brighton quartet Lion Bark and on first listen it's obvious that these guys have a remarkably polished sound for ones so youthful. These two tracks, opening salvos if you will, represent a band taking their first steps in to the brutal world of music and they are confident, accomplished steps at that. However, on the first of these tracks, 'Longhorns', I can't seem to get particularly excited by a band that is blending Editors' or Gene's crooning style with some shuffling, shoegaze-light indie tunes and choruses that want to soar but don't quite achieve enough velocity. 'Two Prongs', for me, is the stronger of the tunes with its more laid back, Tennis-esque melodies and Buddy Holly structures topped off with what appears to be a trademark in the making crooning vocal style. These guys are young and they have plenty of time as well as some nice ideas so I hope they just gig for all they're worth until that sound is beautifully honed and entirely theirs.

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