Friday, 15 November 2013


Hartebeest - Death 
Hartebeest - Death

This is the most 80s tune released since 18th December 1989 (that being the last Monday in the 1980s that wasn't Christmas Day - enjoy that fact, fact fans). Ironically though, for a song called 'Death', it has a certain poppy, upbeat charm about it and would have been the perfect song to play out at the end of an 80s romcom as the helicopter mounted camera sweeps up from the happy couple to show a night time landscape of Chicago. Hartebeest are one of those duos that could dribble this kind of tune out in their sleep but I'd put some money on them having a one hit wonder top 10 hit in the next 3 years with something that gets plaid to death (hah!) and gives them a green card to remix everyone under the sun. And why not?

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