Your Favorite Enemies - I Just Want You To Know (Hopeful Tragedy Records) 
Your Favorite Enemies - I Just Want You To Know

Release Date: 28th October 2013

Here come those pesky Canadians again, all flippin' six of them. This is a more furious, urgent offering than their previous single. 'I Just Want You To Know' is an instantly likeable, emo'd up version of the Foo Fighters without the screaming but with an infectious rhythm, strained guitars and an almost anxiously dark tone. At just over four minutes I would suggest that it's a little on the long side for a single and the relentlessness leaves you a little punch drunk after a while but when it's four minutes of the good stuff then I ain't complaining. Oh, and Your Favorite Enemies are bringing their rock'n'roll show to the UK for two London dates at the end of the month. So, yeah, boom...

Live Dates:
21st October - Water Rats, London

22nd October - Old Blue Last, London