Whales In Cubicles - Wax & Feathers (Club The Mammoth/Believe Digital) 
Whales In Cubicles - Wax & Feathers

Release Date: 7th October 2013

Looking at the choice quotes on Whales In Cubicles' press release the following comparison has already been made by more weighty publications than this humble blog but there is no escaping it; the Lon don trio have got some serious 90s rock influences. 'Wax & Feathers', a song that draws heavily on the Icarus legend, is steeped in bands like Headswim, My Vitriol, Feeder, Redwood, Addict, Warm Jets and so many others that, if I were to mention them all, you would have a list of a good 15% of my record collection. The soaring vocals, the distorted layers of guitars, the pounding drums and the slacker moans where a guitar would have been in the 80s all make this a welcome slab of nostalgia rock and, unlike many of the recent harks back to the old days, this is one that I am all for. Bring me more!

Live Dates:
2nd October - The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool

3rd October - Gulliver's, Manchester