The Sunset Strip Club - Einstein's Theory (The Animal Farm) 
The Sunset Strip Club - Einstein's Theory

Release Date: 28th October 2013

Take three lads from Hull and transplant them in to the glamorous surroundings of Monaco (yes, I know, it's a Principality) and, sad to say, my prejudices suggest that lager fuelled trouble might ensue. But throw in some huge pop hooks, a big chorus and some juicy keyboard riffs and, instead of an actual riot, you're more likely to have a pop riot on your hands. 'Einstein's Theory' is a delightful pop nugget that you can just imagine wafting across the beach on the Mediterranean coast as the sun goes down so you can see why the trio swapped Hull for Monaco. So if you're looking for fun, quality pop music and a crowd full of the rich and the beautiful then I'd head down to the next gig by The Sunset Strip Club....whenever that is.