The Daydream Club - Found EP (Poco Poco Records) 
The Daydream Club - Found

Release Date: 28th October 2013

I get sent of great music here at LWM towers (technically, it's a cottage but you don't know that) but every now and again, something sticks out as the kind of thing that I would actually go out of my way to buy had it not fortuitously landed in my laptop (literally, as I'm on the laptop. Ha!). The Daydream Club are one of those 'things' and a mighty beautiful thing they are at that. The double act of Adam Pickering and Paula Walker create beautiful, rootsy, acoustic lead tunes that layer up to create a complex song with a simple idea at the centre - just the way I like it. This EP starts off with the stomping title track 'Found' in all its Laura Marling meets the Indigo Girls glory and I can't wait to blast it out of the car stereo when the sunshine next rolls around. 'Soundwaves Of Gold' is a more chilled affair and, despite a title that sounds like a mash up of two of my favourite 80s cartoons, has an almost medieval feel with the persistent bass drum thump and madrigal-esque vocal harmony key changes. And a Mandolin. I think.

The hurdy-gurdy opening of 'Remember Me' is pure Marling again but what The Daydream Club keep as their back up weapon is the luscious double vocals that complement each other to such a luxurious effect that you want to just close your eyes and roll around in them like a fresh meadow on a warm day. The last time I was struck with the way an act used the voice so much was the first time I heard the solo material of Zoe Johnston, sometime Bent, Faithless and Above & Beyond vocalist, and that genuinely moved me to tears. 'Fear Of Wolves' is a slow burning but relentless tune with perhaps the most pop appeal about but it is the EP closer that has really got me excited. 'Little Face' is sparse and haunting but simultaneously packed full of emotive little notes and rhythmic shifts which, combined with those sumptuous vocal harmonies , make this one of the most arresting listens I have come across in a long time. These guys are off about on a little tour so get out and see them while you can still see the whites of their eyes on stage - I saw Rodrigo Y Gabriella at Wembley Stadium once and it really didn't work. Just saying.

Live Dates:
12th October - Apex, Bury St Edmunds
19th October - Warehouse 24, Newcastle
25th October - Paper Dress Vintage, London
1st November - The Vic, Saltburn
3rd November - Waterfront, Norwich

7th November - The Donkey, Leicester (EP Launch Party)