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The Creature Comfort - The Creature Comfort

So, according to the press bumph, the Creature Comfort are the long lost great hopes of the Madchester era who were forced to disband on the verge of great things. Band leader Ben Le Jeune has pulled together a line-up in order to make a comeback and release what is technically the band's debut album...twenty odd years after first getting together - even Bez wasn't that laid back! This half hour album of post punk fun kicks off with 'Sauce' which will surely be adopted as the new theme for the comeback of Ready, Steady, Cook such is it's edible lyrical content and dad rock tendencies. 'Sally Sucks' has more of the spirit of Iggy and the Stooges about it but it's still a little creepy listening to what is a fairly weathered voice singing about Sally sucking and her rich daddy.

The simplistic, almost naively honest sentiment of 'I Do Need You' is charming although I'm not sure the song needs to be five minutes long - there aren't really enough ideas to justify this for what is essentially a post punk love song. The Beatles-esque opening of '1,000 miles' is instantly appealing and Le Jeune's vocal delivery is on a par with Lennon at his more charismatic or the Zutons at their storytelling best. The warm, funky bass line that opens up 'Step Down From The Sky' is tempting and seductive and the thick slices of juicy organ partially deliver on that promise but overall this song, as with the majority of the album, just doesn't quite deliver on its promise. The baggy and loose bass and organ interplay on 'Windowpane' gives us an indication of what this band might have been back in the day but not it just feels half a beat behind the rest of the world which is either sad for the band or sad for us. Expansive drums and some thin guitars herald the beginning of the end of this album as 'Electric Eyes' lurches in to life and, once again, the initial promise of the song dissipates as the chorus arrives. Overall, I wish this album had been released 20 years ago so that the band could have learned from their own ill conceived ideas because I think there is more to come from them that could be genuinely exciting. There's still time though, I gues...

Live Dates:

11th October - Gulliver's, Manchester