Saturday, 26 October 2013


The Bats Pajamas - Just Ripe EP 
The Bats Pajamas - Just Ripe EP

This is the kind of music that you will either love or hate. There is very little point in anyone trying to convince you to change your mind because to your ears this will either be pure, unadulterated bliss or nothing more than scratchy, fuzzy, tuneless noise. Let me talk you through it; 'You Get By' opens  proceedings with an almost naively simple riff that stirs up memories of teenage practice rooms and the first stirrings of musical creativity. 'Ambra Vallo' is equally scuzzy and and rough around the edges but it has a slightly more sophisticated swagger about it, almost as though the music is evolving in front of our ears.

The Toronto quartet turn up the garage rock gauge on 'Haunted BBQ' before the sunny, beachy tones of 'Breaking News Live' wash over the airwaves and the melody quotient increases yet again. The final tack of this collection is 'Mass Telegrams' is a more insistent, Jon Spencer meets the Pixies type number and finishes the EP in the style that perfectly befits the Bats Pajamas. This isn't the kind of music that is going to be a worldwide smash with the masses but I am so glad it exists as it is the perfect example of a gang of mates picking up some instruments and making the music they want to make in the way they want to make it. Love it or loathe it, you have to respect that.

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