Slim Loris - Future Echoes & Past Replays 
Slim Loris - Future Echoes & Past Replays

There are times, in this blogging biz, that you come across an album or a single weeks or months after it was originally released and, although the intention of the blog is to keep the focus on all things new, you still have to give it a mention. Swedish troubadours Slim Loris released this album back in May (how long ago does that feel right now?) but it's still worth noting at this autumnal stage of the year. Maybe especially so. You see, from opening tracks 'Fear Of Flying', 'Head On The Floor' and the Soggy Bottom Boys inspired 'Domestic', the melancholic approach to folksy Americana is something to behold and something to revel in. Indeed, the echo-laden piano opening strains of 'While I Breathe' might as well be on the soundtrack to some film about the Great Depression and 'In Silence' has the sort of rabble rousing chords and rhythm to it that Springsteen would get excited about. However, mix that in with a bit of Elbow and Nick Cave just to give it some emotional depth and you're getting a little closer to the Slim Loris sound.

'Visions Of Tomorrow' and 'Clean As A Whistle' are Mumford & Sons all over whilst 'I Will Forget' is a lilting, yearning, emotive piano and violin duet that tugs at the heart strings and prods the tear ducts. The delicate start to 'Hero' that soon gives way to a gravelly voice and rich acoustic strumming sets this up to be a Snow Patrol style ballad which ends up being more like Bon Jovi - I'm not sure which is better or worse. The violins are back for 'Norah' as the shuffling rhythm keeps heads nodding and toes tapping but there is not subtlety to 'Awakening' which is all stomping drums, heavy piano chords and impassioned vocals, pleading to the listener in a borderline cheesy way but I think they just get away with it. Final track 'October In White' is for any country fans out there who need a new melancholy tune to listen to whilst on the top deck of a steamed up and soaking wet bus on the way from work. All in all, this is a solid album with plenty to write home about but it's so much better suited to this time of year - just perfect for the wind and rain of Autumn, not the sun and optimism of Spring.

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