Radio Radio - Capulets EP (Sidetracked Sound) 
Radio Radio - Capulets EP

Oh I do like to follow the progress of bands from the early, early days and watch them grow and develop. South London boys Radio Radio sent me their demo of 'Weird Alice' a while back and they've gone and formed themselves a whole EP, it's the natural progression of things. The open with jaunty, summery, acoustic lead 'In Cold Blood' which brings to mind bands along the lines of the Zutons, the Coral and the View at their most playful. The stomp and pomp of the aforementioned 'Weird Alice' is up next with its fast shuffle and repeated taunts to our poor damsel Alice. 'Subway' has an almost 60s New York drawl to it along with the muted guitars and sneering vocals. Finally, a title track of sorts in 'Fine Young Capulet' which is straight out of the Alex Turner book of song writing which features two rules; keep the tempo up and try to get as many syllables in as possible. Overall, the EP weighs in at a speedy 11 minutes but the four songs contained within that time show enough promise to expect that Radio Radio should go on to bigger and better things.